4 Types Of Eyeglasses Inspired By DC Comic TV Shows

After taking eye tests and getting your vision measured by an optometrist, one of more exciting parts of getting clear vision again is choosing a pair of glasses that matches your design and style. There are many places where you can draw inspiration from. In the TV world of DC comics, numerous characters have worn signature pairs of glasses that can be purchased and used as your primary prescription. As you look for a new pair of glasses, there are four designs that come directly from these shows and can make you feel heroic each time you wear them. Read More 

4 Things Ptosis Sufferers Need to Know about Surgical Correction

Ptosis is a disorder of the upper eyelid that can develop as you get older and your skin loses elasticity. In people with ptosis, one or both eyelids droops, and in severe cases, the lids can completely cover the pupils and severely impair normal vision. If nonsurgical treatments are no longer giving you the results you need, your optometrist may recommend surgical correction. Here are four things ptosis sufferers need to know about surgical correction. Read More 

4 Things Surfers Need to Know about Ultraviolet Keratitis

Surfing is a popular water sport, but it poses many dangers to participants. Most surfers are aware of the dangers of marine life and riptides, but you may not know that you can also injure your eyes while you're surfing. Surfers are at risk of ultraviolet keratitis, a radiation injury. Here are four things surfers need to know about this eye condition. 1. How does surfing lead to ultraviolet keratitis? Read More