4 Types Of Eyeglasses Inspired By DC Comic TV Shows

After taking eye tests and getting your vision measured by an optometrist, one of more exciting parts of getting clear vision again is choosing a pair of glasses that matches your design and style. There are many places where you can draw inspiration from. In the TV world of DC comics, numerous characters have worn signature pairs of glasses that can be purchased and used as your primary prescription. As you look for a new pair of glasses, there are four designs that come directly from these shows and can make you feel heroic each time you wear them. By knowing the different design details and elements, an optometrist can help you select a duplicate style for your face.

Clark Kent - Smallville

It may have taken ten seasons, but Clark Kent finally made his transformation into the true Superman during the series finale of Smallville. As part of this transformation, Kent had to conceal his true identity by wearing a pair of glasses. On the show, the character wore a traditional pair of glasses that was similar to many other past Clark Kent designs. The glasses have a thick black frame with rounded edges. The glasses also feature two chrome accents in each of the top outer corners of the eye frames. When shopping for a similar style, request a solid black design and try on various types of thicknesses to see how well they fit on your face. An optometrist can also help shape glasses to properly fit your head size.

Kara Danvers - Supergirl

Taking a page right from her heroic cousin, Kara Danvers also sports a pair of glasses while reporting and staying hidden behind the guise of Supergirl. The glasses have the same chrome accents as Clark Kent's, but instead they feature a horizontal placement on the frame instead of a vertical one. One of the signature looks that comes from Kara's glasses is the two-toned color scheme. The glasses seamlessly blend amber and black patterns across the frame, adding a subtle pop of color when wearing the glasses. The frames have a smaller and rounded eye shape that is ideal for smaller heads, but this design and style can be configured to multiple types of head shapes.

Felicity Smoak - Arrow

As Oliver Queen protects his city and roams the streets, it's often Felicity Smoak working behind the scenes to track bad guys and protect Oliver from harm. Ever since her introduction on the series, Felicity has worn a signature pair of glasses that helps the character stand out and showcases a unique style. Her glasses feature a two-toned design. The top half of the glasses are black while the bottom half features a patterned mix of amber and black colors very similar to Supergirl's design. Another signature part of these frames is the use of rectangular lenses. The lens design extends until it almost hangs off the cheekbone and creates a bold look. As you browse for glasses, you can request to see a variety of rectangular lenses to choose a similar design and style.

Dr. Harrison Wells - The Flash

A genius and mentor to the Flash, Dr. Harrison Wells is often creating all kinds of trouble in Central City. When working hard, he can be seen in a pair of unique glasses that really makes the character stand out. Similar to Felicity, his frames are split into two sections. The top half of his glasses are a solid black while the bottom half are completely clear. This helps the glasses blend into his face and create a unique visual design. As you browse for glasses, you can see a variety of clear frame options and see how they look on your face.

Use images or video clips from these shows to help showcase design styles you are interested in. An optometrist can pinpoint designs and features similar to the designs featured on the show. Check out a site like http://envisionnv.com/ for more information.