Is Your Spouse Getting LASIK? 4 Ways To Help Them Enjoy A Healthy Recovery

After years of depending on glasses or contacts, your spouse is likely looking forward to finally being able to see without corrective lenses. While laser vision correction is a routine procedure with a short recovery time, your spouse still needs to follow a few aftercare instructions to provide their eyes with a chance to heal. As your spouse preps for their upcoming corrective surgery, you can use these tips to help them enjoy the best possible recovery. Read More 

4 Ways You Should Not Be Cleaning Your Glasses

Taking care of your prescription eyeglasses is not only vital for your ability to continue to see clearly but also to save yourself some money on having to replace them sooner than is needed. When it comes to caring for eyeglasses, there are often mistakes that are made that many people don't realize they are making. Here are four ways you should not be cleaning and caring for your eyeglasses: Read More 

How To Avoid Eye Damage During Home Renovations

DIY home renovation can save you money, but it can also be a dangerous project if you aren't careful. For example, there are many things that can damage your vision during the renovation project; splashes of paint, clouds of dust, and solid projectiles are some of the things that can hurt your eyes. Take these measures to ensure that doesn't happen: Wear Protective Goggles The greatest threat to your eyes during the construction process is an impact from flying debris. Read More 

An Eye Exam? No Problem

There are some parts of the body that change so slowly that you may not even know they are changing. It can happen to your eyes, and the only way that you know it is happening is that you suddenly can't see things you used to be able to. It is a frustrating feeling realizing that your eyes may have changed and that it is time to go to the eye doctor. Read More 

A Guide to Choosing Your Eyeglasses

There are many parts of eyeglasses that you can choose individually to meet your personal needs. Here is a guide for choosing each part of your eyeglasses. The Right Prescription This part will be taken care of by your optometrist. First, be sure to get an updated prescription from your eye doctor before you purchase any new lenses. Then, your optometrist will make sure that your lenses contain the correct strength and alignment of prescription. Read More