4 Ways You Should Not Be Cleaning Your Glasses

Taking care of your prescription eyeglasses is not only vital for your ability to continue to see clearly but also to save yourself some money on having to replace them sooner than is needed. When it comes to caring for eyeglasses, there are often mistakes that are made that many people don't realize they are making. Here are four ways you should not be cleaning and caring for your eyeglasses:

  1. Don't Clean With Paper Products: This includes tissues, paper towels, napkins, and more. The only thing that should be rubbed on the lenses is a fiber cloth. Anything made from wood, no matter how soft it is can scratch the lenses and all paper products, even the softest of tissues are made from wood, so always keep that in mind.
  2. Don't Clean With Clothes: Another thing to note is that even if you are wearing a cotton shirt, you shouldn't use it to clean your glasses. The reason being that as you wear your clothes throughout the day, they accumulate a lot of dirt and debris that may be microscopic, but can still scratch the lenses. The best thing to do is to clean with a fiber cloth that has been stored in your eyeglasses case or another safe place so it was protected from accumulating dust and debris. 
  3. Don't Use Cleaners: Unless you have a cleaner specific for eyeglasses, you should not be using any cleaners. In fact, even eyeglass cleaners shouldn't be necessary since fiber cloths should be the trick alone. Regular cleaners, though, contain harsh chemicals that can damage the sensitive lenses and even change the way that the prescription works for you. 
  4. Always Store in the Case: You should always be caring your eyeglass case around with you so you can use it when you need to take your glasses off. This makes them a whole lot less vulnerable to scratches and other damages. While it may seem like an inconvenience to constantly be taking the eyeglass case in and out of your purse or bag, it can end up saving you a ton of money on the replacement of your eyeglasses. 

Avoiding these four things when it comes to the care of your eyeglasses, you can be sure that you save yourself a ton of money and keep your eyeglasses in a state that is actually going to continue to help you see as clearly as possible. To learn more, contact a company like Master  Eye Associates