How To Avoid Eye Damage During Home Renovations

DIY home renovation can save you money, but it can also be a dangerous project if you aren't careful. For example, there are many things that can damage your vision during the renovation project; splashes of paint, clouds of dust, and solid projectiles are some of the things that can hurt your eyes. Take these measures to ensure that doesn't happen:

Wear Protective Goggles

The greatest threat to your eyes during the construction process is an impact from flying debris. Wood splinters, flying pebbles, or flying materials such as nails can easily puncture or bruise your eyes. Always wear appropriate goggles, which can prevent such impact injuries, when working on your home renovation. Specifically, you should look for protective glasses labeled Z87 because they have been certified as having adequate protection against impact, radiation, and liquid splashes.

Do Not Look At Welding Arcs

It is not just flying debris that you need to worry about; radiation from welding arcs or sunlight can also harm your eyes. The protective goggle should offer you some level of radiation, but it won't be enough. Therefore, you still need to be careful when welding things or doing things that can cause radiation to reach your eyes, such as installing mirrors.

Use Tools Appropriately

Make sure you have the right information and experience as far as working with dangerous tools is concerned. Read the user's manual and obey the instructions to the letter. For example, you should know how to use cutting tools so that they don't send debris into your eyes. You should also know how to use nail guns; this is another tool that can cause you serious harm if you don't handle it appropriately.

Blow Away Fumes and Dust

Even if you are wearing protective goggles, you shouldn't still put yourself in harm's way unnecessarily. Therefore, make sure your work area is always properly ventilated, especially if your work produces or involves dangerous fumes, fluids or dust particles. Always ensure that your work area is clean to reduce the level of dust emitted and take time to regularly vacuum you're your work area and clean your equipment. 

Keep Your Work Areas Tidy

You need to keep your work area tidy not only to limit the amount of dust and debris produced but also to reduce the risk of accidents. Stumbling and falling in an untidy work area is more likely than experiencing the same accident in a carefully planned work area.

Seek emergency eye care if you accidentally injure your eyes. The eyes are some of the most delicate and essential organs of the body so prompt care is needed to save them in case of accidents; these are not things you should try to handle with home-based treatment. Contact a doctor, like Jeffrey C. Fogt, OD, for more help.