An Eye Exam? No Problem

There are some parts of the body that change so slowly that you may not even know they are changing. It can happen to your eyes, and the only way that you know it is happening is that you suddenly can't see things you used to be able to. It is a frustrating feeling realizing that your eyes may have changed and that it is time to go to the eye doctor. The good news is that the optometrist will put you through some different eye tests and be able to help you out. Going to an optometrist can be a little bit intimidating, so here are a few different exercises that you may experience during your eye exam. 

Snellen Chart

One of the first things you are likely to do is go through what is called a Snellen Chart. This is the famous poster with all of the letters or numbers ranging from large at the top to small at the bottom. The optometrist will likely have you read it a few times in a few different styles. You will read it with both eyes open and with each individual eye, and may be asked to do so at different distances. This gives the optometrist a good idea to what your vision is.


A very difficult procedure to go through is when your eyes are subjected to different lenses. The process does not hurt in the least bit, but it can be hard to tell the difference between lenses. The doctor will slide a machine over your head and show you two different lenses. You are to tell him or her which lens looks the best. Although the lenses may not change your vision much, do your best in answering the questions. The optometrist will then start deciding what type of lens would help your eyes the most.

Eye Health

The optometrist is likely to take pictures of your eyes to ensure that the eye is healthy. The pictures are meant to show if you have any built up pressure in your eye, or if the  blood vessels in your eye are under a lot of pressure. There is fluid in your eyes, and in order to have healthy eyes it is important that the fluid is able to drain. The imaging does not hurt at all, but can give the doctor a great deal of information to help diagnose any problems your eyes may be having. 

If you have more questions about what to expect during your eye exam, talk to an eye doctor like Dr. Charles A. Richards, O.D.