A Guide to Choosing Your Eyeglasses

There are many parts of eyeglasses that you can choose individually to meet your personal needs. Here is a guide for choosing each part of your eyeglasses.

The Right Prescription

This part will be taken care of by your optometrist. First, be sure to get an updated prescription from your eye doctor before you purchase any new lenses. Then, your optometrist will make sure that your lenses contain the correct strength and alignment of prescription. If you choose to get your glasses done online, be sure that you visit an optometrist in person or return to your eye doctor to make sure that the lenses were made correctly. If your online store also has an in-person location, sometimes they have a doctor at the shop who can quickly verify your prescription.

The Right Lens Material and Add-Ons

Modern eyeglass lenses can be made of many materials that are designed to control for certain factors. Some materials resist fracture. Others are resistant to fogging up. Some are designed for the best optics, so that you can see equally well out of every part of the lens. Be sure to read the descriptions for every material you choose. Some may be covered by your insurance, while others can add hundreds of dollars to the lens cost.

Also, do you want to have any UV protection added to the lenses? Special coating on the lenses can even turn them into sunglasses; the added layer would change colors when the glasses are exposed to a certain threshold of UV light.

The Right Frames

Not all frames are an equal choice for an individual. It will depend on what kinds of activities are in your life, for one. If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, you will want a strong composite material that resists breakage.

Frames probably make the biggest difference of all in terms of fashion statements, and there are a few ways that you could go with choosing frames. If you want to have a variety of styles, you might choose several inexpensive frames in different colors and shapes. Or, if you want to have a more sophisticated look, the higher end frames could benefit you. There are shape and color guidelines depending on your skin tone and the shape of your face, but these are just guidelines; still, your optometrist will probably follow them if you ask for suggestions on frames to try. In short, there are many potential aspects of choosing your eyeglasses, which is what makes them a very versatile option.